Stop Chasing

Stop chasing a career.
Stop chasing a status.
Stop chasing a job title.
Stop chasing the money.
Stop chasing fame or notoriety.
Stop chasing the girl.

It’s too easy to chase and things that are too easy aren’t worthy of your time.

There’s an inherent insecurity in chasing. It’s a subtle way of saying that what someone else wants has more worth than what you want.

Things change too fast to always be playing catch up and the things worth chasing will always change.  Just when you start gaining on them they’ll be gone. And if you ever catch the object of the chase, you may be surprised to know that it’s not what you actually want.

Instead, focus on doing something no one else can do, being someone no one else can be.
Who are you? What do you want? Why?
Resisting the urge to chase puts yourself on the hook to figure out who that ‘who’ is.

Spending too much time looking at others can trick you into thinking you should be more like them. You need to be more like you.

As a result, the things that are most important will come.